Thursday, June 28, 2007

Critical Information

One of the many reasons for this exercize stems from my experience as a TV-addicted youth in the 80's. If you fall within this demo, you may remember this specific assault on western civilization.

The product was Downy fabric softener or detergent or something else laundry-related. The commercial starred a rascally 80's kid away at summer camp, on his bunk and writing home to mom and dad.

"Hello Mother/Hello Father/Greetings from Camp/Hiawatha," or something like that. This commercial has absolutely spoiled Ponichelli's Dance of the Hours. Forever. I'll never be able to enjoy it as a stand-alone piece of music because some fucking retard ad exec needed a jingle and his feeble sell-sell-sell brain couldn't formulate an original score. "We need a catchy image, like the Jolly Green Giant ass-raping Rodin's Thinker. Now that will sell green beans!"

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